★EFC Christmas Party ★ December 16th 2022 ★
The annual Christmas Party had been canceled due to Corona measures.
It was the first time in three years !!
We really enjoyed the hidden talent of our members.




★ 2019年12月20日はBarbara Updikeさんに来ていただいた最後の会となりました。

 We had an annual Christmas Gathering on Dec. 20th 2019.
We never knew we could see Barbara Updike for the last time at this Christmas Party.
 She went back to heaven where she used to belong and has been watching us for good.
We appreciate from the bottoms of our hearts that
she has shared her knowledge and cheerfulness with us for every Christmas Gathering of EFC.
Thank you Barbara, you're always in our hearts.





★☆★ Merry Christmas to All of You ★☆★

We had annual Christmas party  on Dec. 15th
with special guests, Ms Barbara & Mr Kanta Okidoki.
Thank you for the nice performance of  short comedies,
We really enjoyed watching and listening to Mr. Kanta.
Also thanks to our members for the preparations  of
the game of telephone(伝言ゲーム), word-chain game,
quiz, and songs.
We had big fun on that day!!





----  December the 16th 2016  -----





----  December the 18th 2015  -----


★ We had the annual Christmas Party on Dec 18th this year♪
Two Special Guests were Ms. Mari Ikeda (our former instructor) 
                                      & Ms  Barbara Updike (English Teacher)

We'd like to impress our deep thanks to Barbara for joining our party,
and Mari-sensei, "Welcome back to Kuwana!!".




----  December the 19th 2014  -----


With refreshments, coffee & tea,
We enjoyed  games and activities
had a wonderful time together ♪



----  July 18th 2014  -----


We had a wonderful guest; "Mina" ♪

She is the daughter of our member, learning Early Childhood Education, and having a practical traning in Hawaii.


Her presentation was well- prepared, we enjoyed the pictures, videos, and songs in Hwaiian Language.

Thank you so much "Mina" for sharing your experiences and energy.  We had a great time with you.!!





----  December the 20th 2013  -----

We had a very warm Christmas gathering  again on 20st December in 2013.



----  December the 21st 2012  -----

We had a very warm Christmas gathering  again on 21st December in 2012.
Everyone brought something memorable, showed and explained how important it was.
Coffee, tea, and refreshments were served.



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