This club was established in April 1987 by the people finished up The Basic English Conversation Courses at Chuoh-Kominkan in Kuwana city. To meet the request of having the atmosphere of speaking English the club meeting has been held twice a month for 25 years. We’ve exchanged our thoughts and opinions, sometimes invited the guests from foreign countries and learned different cultures.
We asked two ladies to be the instructors from The Basic Course; Ms.Tanaka and Ms.Ikeda.
They have shared us various opportunities of communication in English with others and leaded us for long.
We deeply appreciate for their effort and the dedicated support.
Now with some reason two ladies were detached from EFC, but someday we are surely can have the chance to get together.

Speaking in English is not study, it is a tool of communication. Please do not hesitate to talk in English.
We can learn the difference of cultures even histories through the preparation and experience of speaking.
Anybody can be invited to our club in any time

Please join our chat in English and Share your experience and opinion with us!!
We always keep open house .




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