The themes for EFC meeting in 2015



In the 1st quarter of the class at every meeting, each member talks about own short topic. Depend on the number of attendance, we would divide the members into two groups from the beginning, and each group has a discussion. We’ll choose the theme for the next meeting before the end of every meeting. 


まず最初30分で各人の短い話題を話していただきます。出席者の人数に応じて(多い場合は)最初から2つのグループに分けて 同じ話題で話し合います。最後に 次回に話し合うテーマを決めます。

☆First Meeting: self‐introduction & How was your spring vacation?
1.  How “old” is old? Explain.
2.  What kind of person are you?
3.  Have you had any regret?

4.  What is a balanced diet?

    Give an example “What nutritious foods do you eat?”
    Talk about a healthy meal that you have eaten recently.

5.  What’s the best city in your country? Why?

 6. Who was the most important person in the history of Japan?

   *What did the person do?
   *Who is the most important person now?
7.  Talk about the best day in your childhood. What were you doing? 

 8. When you were a child, what holiday did you like best? Why?  

 9. Some people in the United States think a four-leaf clover is “lucky”

    What do you think are five lucky things in Japan?
10. Talk about a good dream that you have had recently.
11. Talk about a nightmare that you have had recently.
12. What is stress? What five things can cause stress?
   *What are five positive ways people deal with stress?
   *What are five negative ways people deal with stress?
13. If you were the Prime Minister of Japan, How would you end poverty?
14. How do you think we can make the earth a clear and better place in the future?
15. What is the difference between the word “drug” and the word “medicine”?
*Why do you think that some medicines are regal while others are illegal?
16. If you won $1000,000 what would you buy? Name at least three things.
17. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? Why?
18. Have you ever wished you were born in another place or time?
    Where and when did you wish you had been born? Why?
19. When you were a child, what career did you think you would pursue when you grew up?
20. How do you think the retaining system of each surname by a married couple?
21. Unbelievable experiences I’ve had.
22. How would you introduce the classical Japanese entertainment to foreigners?   
23. Do you have your own custom?

★The order can be flexibly changed, also we can add more themes as occasion.



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