The themes for EFC meeting in 2016-2017


Depend on the number of attendance, we would divide the members into two groups from the beginning, and each group has a discussion. If time allows after the enough discussion, each member talks about own short topic.We choose the theme for the next meeting before the end of every meeting.
 出席者の人数に応じて、2つのグループに分けて 同じ話題で話し合います。十分な話し合いの後、時間があれば、各人の短い話題を話していただきます。最後に 次回に話し合うテーマを決めます。
★First Meeting: self‐introduction & How was your spring vacation?
★The order can be flexibly changed, also we can add more themes as occasion.

1.What do you know about The United States? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? (L.1, No.13 p.3)
2. What types of books did you like to read when you were younger? (L.2, No.7 p.7)
3. How was your diet changed over the past ten years? What new foods have you eaten recently? What foods don‘t you eat anymore? Why? (L.3, No.13, p.11)
4. Imagine what the world will be like in twenty years. What kind of transportation do you think we might have? (L.4, No.11, p.15)
5. What do you think about people who believe pets are part of their family? Have you ever had a pet that you felt was part of your family? (L.5, No.8, p19)
6. What are five questions that employers often ask at job interviews? (L.6, No.3, p.22)
7. What was the most interesting place you have ever visited? (L.7, No.11, p.27)
8. Describe a perfect family. (L.8, No.12, p.31)
9. What’s a man’s role? What’s a woman’s role?(What does the society expect him/her to do?)
(L.9, No.4, p.34)
10.Name three holidays you are the most important in Japan? Why are they important?
How do you celebrate them? (L.10, No.2, p.38).
11.Have you ever had a superstition come true? Tell about your experience. (L.11、No.10, p.43)
12.When you can’t sleep, What kinds of things do you do? Do you drink hot tea? How often do you do those things? (L.12, No.4, p46)
13.Where do you think thieves might look first when they enter a house? Where can you hide things in your house so a thief won’t find them? ( L.13, No.3, p.50)
14. Do you think most gossip is true or false? Why? Do you think that it is right or wrong to gossip? Why? (L.14, No.10, p.55)
15. Has any mysterious or supernatural event taken place in your country? Explain.
(L.15. No.6, 59)
16.What five characteristics do young people usually consider when they look for a boyfriend
or a girlfriend? (L.16, No.1, p.62)
17.Talk about the most stressful day that you ever had. How did you handle the stress?
(L.17, No.4, p.66)
18. Would you ever tell your children to move out? For what reason, if any?  (L.18, No.9 p.71)
19. What are some advantages people have when they become senior citizens? (L.19,No.3 p.74)
20. What are five things that cause pollutions? What can be done to eliminate pollution?
(L.20, No.6, p.79)
21.Does a public assistance or welfare system for people who can’t support themselves exist
in your country? Explain the system.(L.21, No.8, p.83)
22. Have you ever or has anyone you’ve known lived through a major disaster?(L.22, No.5&6p.86)
23. Whose “rights” are more important, smoker’s or non-smoker’s? Why? (L.23, No.12, p.91)
24. Is gambling legal in your country? Do you think that gambling should be legal or illegal?
Why? (L.24, No.9, p.95)
25. What can each country do to avoid war? (L.25, No.11, P.99)
26. What are you going to buy in the future? Name at least five things, and explain why you’d like to buy them. (L.26, No.6, p.102)
27. Have you ever bought something because you saw someone demonstrate it on TV?
(L.27, No.10, p.107)
28. If you were the president or leader of your country, what would you charge in your country’s budget? (L.28, No.7, p.111)
29. Have you ever experienced prejudice or discrimination? (L.29, No.4, p.114)
30. After a divorce, children usually live with their mother; the father is usually required to pay alimony and child support to his ex-wife. How do you feel about joint custody?
(L. 30. No.7, p.119)
31.Have you ever called in sick when you weren’t sick? Why? (L.31, No.4. p.122)
32. Do you think minors should be tried in a court and sentenced as adults?
Why or why not? (L.32, No.9, p.126)
33. When people in your country are ill, do they use herbs?
If so, could you explain how they work? (L.33, No.10, p.131)
34. If you had been born an animal instead of human being, which animal do you think you would have been? Why/ (L.34, No.4, p.134)
35. If you had known when you were younger what you now know about jobs and careers, what might you have done differently to be better prepared for the career you want?
(L.35, No.9, p.139)
36. Why do you think some people frequently lie or make up excuses instead of telling the truth?
(L36, No.9, p.143)
37. What is a global economy? How has it changed or how is it changing the form of government in your country? (L.37, No.5, p.147)
38. What is the difference between a job and a career? What jobs or careers did your parents have? (L.38, No.5, p.150)
39. Have you achieved any goals you have made yourself?
If so, which ones? If not, why not? (L.39, No.2, p.154)
【Other themes】
40. What are the most impressive movies, plays or entertainment you have recently seen?
41. If we had “black-out” for a whole week, What would you do?
42. Is laughter the best medicine? Give 6 reasons why laughter is the best medicine.
43. Would you like to know how long your remaining days in your life? Why? Why not?


【Some other ideas for the class】


Having the Listening Time
Story telling or reading
Singing songs in English

★The order can be flexibly changed, also we can add more themes as occasion.



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